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This JDM H22A started out as a simple rebuild that Randall bought not running and had no compression on one cylinder.  After changing out computers and getting it running, I pulled the head to see just how bad the damage was.  I found that someone had screwed up a previous rebuild and broke the piston rings; this of course marred the cylinder walls.  Upon further breakdown, I found thread marks on the rod journals from putting the pistons in with no protection on the rod bolts, the thrust washers put in backwards, as well as missing clutch bolts and bellhousing bolts.  I started stripping the block for boring, and found that the balance shafts had bad bearings and were scarred as well.  This called for a major build, so off to the machine shop it went for a work-over.

Nice body kit, crazy purple paint job (including valve cover), carbon fiber hood, black rims, and aftermarket spoiler. Triple gauge A pillar pod with boost, oil temp, and fuel mixture gauges. 2.5 inch Tein drop springs, Halo Headlights, Black Azeo Tails, Greddy exhaust. Custom Garrett turbo kit with Tial waistgate and blowoff valve (pictured with box for Greddy exhaust) As well as (not pictured) walbro fuel pump, RC 220 injectors, Hondata S300 chipped P28 ECU with OBDI conversion harness. Turbo installed, wrapped header and ac line. Stage 3 Street ACT clutch, ACT light weight flywheel. Complete MSD ignition including rapid fire box, external coil (REMOVED, suspected of burning up the distributor.  I do not recommend this MSD rapid fire on Honda), cap and rotor kit, and plug wires. The car has been tuned at TDC Performance in Mobile, and reported 9lb boost, throwing down 285hp! Not bad for a 200k+ mile B16 with stock internals!

This sedan has a freshly rebuilt motor, new fuel pump, new tires, new brakes, and new paint. Aftermarket side mirrors, clear corner lights, all new tires, 4 wheel disk brakes, and spoiler with led third brake light. Has a very peppy D16Z6 that drives and handles well. It had 300,000 on the odometer, but with the rebuilt motor and turbo kit you would never guess it!

1997 Civic Coupe, EX, manual transmission, D16Y8 Vtech, Kenwood audio, new paint, cold air intake, full 2.5" exhaust, DC 4-2-1 header, AEM true-time cam gear, short-throw shifter.  This car came to me with a smashed right rear quarter panel, but with all the mods it seamed a waste to scrap.  Brent from Obsessive Customs and I replaced the quarter panel, did minor body repairs, and I painted it.  All together a very fun restore, even if  time consuming.

99 Accord LX Sedan. Good paint, new rear window, rebuilt transmission with a couple hundred miles on it, brand new tires and radiator. F23A Vtech motor, Automatic, power windows locks mirrors, cold a/c. Smoothest running car I have had to date, even with right at 200k on the car. High mileage due to being an RV "toad," much less mileage on the motor, thus it runs like brand new. Never been wrecked. Has aftermarket speakers with factory stereo.

Dx model, 5 speed, rebuilt d15b7, fresh paint, cold A/C, tinted windows, Pioneer CD stereo, 2" drop Skunk2 springs, projector headlights, Ventvisors, new front brakes, new tires 205 55-15, Mogeti rims, 153,000 on body, new stainless steal muffler, short throw shifter and cold air intake, and a lot of fun to drive. This is one of my favorite builds! Simple but effective.

Dx model, d16y7, 5 speed, Mas wheels, euro tails, 2" Neuspeed drop springs, short throw shifter, new: clutch, timing belt, alternator belt, a/c belt and tensioner, plugs, wires, mounts, stainless steel muffler. The body is in fair condition, needs touch-up body work and paint. Very fun to drive. With good weather and a little time it will soon receive a new bumper and paint. 165k miles.